The unthinkable, true chronicles of a rookie teacher and his impulsive, unpredictable herd of ninth grade boys…affectionately known as the “Hogs.”  This collection of hilarious, sidesplitting tales from the ‘70’s classroom will keep you snorting with laughter and fill your heart with “Hog Wisdom.”

In this stressed-out, too serious, tech-driven world we live and work in, The Hog Farm Chronicles is a refreshing escape and a must-read for educators, students, and anyone who has ever manifested “Hog” behavior.

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About C. Allen Powell

A Union, SC native, Allen lives in Greenville, SC. He holds a B.S. from the University of Georgia and completed graduate studies at Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, and Duke University.

A career educator in South Carolina for two decades, Allen has served as a teacher, coach, principal, and career/tech director in several SC school districts.

In 1984, while serving as the Director of H. B. Swofford Career Center in Inman, SC, Allen, Jon H. Poteat, and their dear wives, Polly and Patricia, founded the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society (now National Technical Honor Society) to bring more recognition to high-achieving secondary and post-secondary, career/tech students. Allen led the organization as Executive Director for 35 exciting years.

Today, NTHS is an international organization serving over 5,000 schools and colleges. A major scholarship provider for NTHS student-members, the Society has awarded over $3 Million in scholarships to date. (

In 2006, in partnership with a number of former SC college athletes and coaches, Allen founded the Scholastic Sportsmanship Foundation and “Champions by Choice” to recognize and award scholarships to student-athletes who conduct themselves with honor on the field of play and who maintain high academic standards. (

Allen speaks at NTHS and “Champions by Choice” events, and education, and athletic conferences throughout the US. He has published numerous educational articles throughout his career.